A Renewed Vision in Islamic Education

Jamiatul Ummah is one of Da’watul Islam’s most significant projects. An independent boys’ secondary school combining National Curriculum and Islamic Education, it was established in 1997. It occupies part of the Darul Ummah Centre. From 2008, we have opened a Sixth Form.

Jamiatul Ummah School and Sixth Form has achieved Outstanding Status in the recent (27-28 January 2011) Ofsted Inspection. It said about Jamiatul Ummah: “Jamiatul Ummah provides an outstanding quality of education.

Students make outstanding progress and achieve very highly, because they are taught outstandingly well. Students’ behaviour is excellent and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. The school meets its aims exceptionally well and parents and students express a high level of satisfaction with the school’s work. Safeguarding procedures are sound. The school has made excellent progress since it was last inspected and now complies with all but one of the regulations for independent schools.”


Jamiatul Ummah School has been making outstanding progress since its establishment, having achieved excellent SATs and GCSE results year upon year.

In 2005, our Keystage 3 (KS3) SAT results broke all-time records in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. JU has been Ofsted registered since inception – the Registration number is 54456465464654.

Our teachers are professionally qualfied and innovators in their respective fields. We use a unique integrated approach to teaching, combining traditional and modern teaching methodologies.

Given the value to the traditional values of hard work, discipline and respect, students are prepared to participate fully in modern society, qualified to progress to College and University, and ultimately to become fully integrated and highly respected members of the wider community.

We create a stimulating and effective learning environment, using modern teaching methods and technology. Pupils leaving Jamiatul Ummah are securing places at prestigious universities. Our Ex-Pupil Moudud Hussain has recently completed a Masters Degree in Integrated Bio Science at Oxford University and another current pupil Jayed Alam Sarkar from our Sixth Form has been offered a place a Oxford University to study Law.

What we Offer

Jamiatul Ummah offers your children an Islamic environment where they feel welcome and supported. The school works closely with pupils and their families in order to develop their academic, moral and social qualities.

Along with English, Science, Maths, ICT, Bengali and Physical Education the institute teaches Islamic subjects including Hifz (memorisation of the Quran), Quranic studies, Hadith studies, Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh, Aqeedah, Seerah and Islamic history and Arabic. The Ofsted inspectors were so impressed with Jamiatul Ummah’s teaching method and practice that they commented: “through exposure to Islamic law and ethics, pupils develop a strong sense of right and wrong and apply this in their relationship with each other.”

What we offer you

Jamiatul Ummah provides opportunities for young Muslims to recognize and reach their full potential academically, morally and spiritually, as well as preparing them as ‘men of the future’. who will be able to make significant contributions towards the Ummah and their country.

  • An Islamic environment where you feel welcome, valued and supported;
  • Opportunities to learn about Islam from qualifiedand experienced teachers who are graduates of internationally renowned in Medina, Malaysia and the UK;
  • Practical training in fundamental Islamic rituals and practices;
  • Excellent opportunities to become fluent in Arabic;
  • Becoming a ‘Hafiz’ if vou choose the Hifz section;
  • Opportunities to enrich your ICT skills through our fully equipped IT Lab;
  • Learning community languages (such as Bengali, Somali, etc);
  • High achievements: our SATS and GCSE results are constantly improving;
  • High quality teaching and professional support;
  • Involvement in a range of different clubs, social and sporting events;
  • Professional guidance to help you prepare for your future career;


  • Two well-equipped science laboratories;
  • One spacious ICT laboratory;
  • Six large classrooms
  • A spacious canteen;
  • A Jumu’ah mosque;
  • Two playgrounds;
  • A modern equipped gymnasium;
  • For major athletics and field events the boys are escorted to different stadiums and locations;

Other notable features

  • Giving importance to lslamic morality and spirituality;
  • Observing Islamic norms and etiquettes strictly;
  • Wearing a reasonably designed uniform that reflects Islamic culture;
  • No music is allowed;
  • Encouraging pupils to pray regularly with Jammah
  • Regular homework monitoring;
  • Working in close partnership with parents to ensure pupils are steadily progressing;
  • Strict policies about attendance and punctuality;
  • Apart from the formal assessment procedures, pupils are regularly assessed by their subject teachers.
  • Teachers discuss with parents the progress of their children at half-yearly parents’ evenings, or any other time of the academic year by appointment with the respective teachers;
  • Well-planned weekly assemblies, where lively issues are addressed by the teachers or guest speakers;
  • Educational trips home and abroad;
  • Extra support lessons for final year students in both KS-3 and KS-4;
  • Organising Qiyam al-Layl (spiritual training) at least once a term;
  • Training camps in other locations;