Darul Ummah is proud to be part of CitySafe Campaign

What situations could we face? The most typical situations involve a young person seeking to avoid others who they believe are a threat to them. In extreme cases this may involve them being chased by people they fear will phsyically harm them – fortunately this is relatively rare.

How can Darul Ummah help?

In most situations Darul Ummah Centre can help by simply allowing the invidividual/s to wait in our centre and by offering to contact someone who can help. In a dangerous situation where there is immediate risk of physical violence towards someone, consider:
Directing them to the safest place whilst asking them for information on what is happening Dialling 999 and asking for the police – and an ambulance in a medical emergency Noting evidence for the police e.g. descriptions of people and vehicles, details of witnesses, CCTV etc.

Please note: Darul Ummah Centre and its staff are not expected to place themselves at risk by getting physically involved in a situation – just calling for help can make a difference.

What is CitySave Campaign?

Through the CitySafe campaign young people and adults work together to: Encourage local businesses and organisations to offer their premises as CitySafe Havens and pledge to report 100% of crime Build stronger relationships with their peers, the police and neighbourhood organisations, strengthening their CitySafe Zone Organise events that facilitate dialogue between police and young people, led by CitySafe Champions. A CitySafe Zone is the place in a neighbourhood with an active CitySafe Action Team and Champion who maintain CitySafe Havens and support the CitySafe programme in the community.


Darul Ummah is a Safe Haven. What is Safe Haven?

A place where people work in partnership to report and discourage crime and anti-social behaviour and to offer temprary shelter to young people in immidate danger.

A CitySafe Haven is a public place to seek refuge in a difficult situation. CitySafe Havens:

  • - Pledge to report 100% of crime
  • - Will offer the premises as a safe haven for any young person in danger
  • - Maintain a relationship with neighbours, police and the local community
  • - Encourage their staff to attend CitySafe training
  • - Refuse to sell alcohol, knives or other dangerous items to underage or drunk customers.
  • - A CitySafe Champion leads the action in a CitySafe Zone, they are passionate about safety in their community.
  • - CitySafe is supported by the Metropolitan Police. For more information on CitySafe Campaign, please visit Citizens UK website