Shaddywood Crime Reduction Project

The SPT (Shadywood Project Team) decided that it will be highly beneficial if we can get members from two post-code gangs in one safe and secure environment and make them do some interactive work together. In addition to the participants having capacity building training, this creative and challenging approach will ensure two rival gangs joining together, thereby reducing post-code gang conflict in the area. We have visited both the Youth Clubs and its participants for a preliminary surveying visit and also to asses any possible risks associated (health, safety, personal protection).

To date the project has done some brilliant work with young people and the project is in good progress. It has been intensified and dedicated ourselves, since our last quarter in offering the young people participating in the course (workshops) with AQA accredited certification. This, Project Team believes will significantly enhance the quality of the overall project. In this project, we normally provide the participants with internal certificates, however accredited qualifications can be better utilised by young people in the job market and progression towards education.


For further information about project delivery please visit.,uk.

We have invested good time in designing the course approach and producing high quality learning materials for the programme. The learning materials have been carefully designed to keep it simple, interactive and enjoyable.

Last year we were the only crime reduction project in Tower Hamlets Borough to take upon the challenge of working immediately after a teenage homicide in a highly volatile and risky environment, working directly with the friends and family of the 13th Murdered teenager in the Capital Salum Kombo.

This year we have made plans to work with Salums aunt who is a well known and highly admired lady amongst the youth. Salums aunt attended the Shaddywood projects year1 final dissemination event and made a very emotional plea to the young people in the club to stop gang violence. The final dissemination event was attended by about 40 young people, local community leaders, youth workers and number of councillors and council officers from the council. We have already engaged with over 50 hard-to-reach young people.

Shaddywood Workshops

The Shaddywood Workshop runs every Thursday from 6:30pm-9:30pm (a total of 18+ workshops)

Topics we have covered so far are:

  • - Shaddywood Project Intro (Manor Youth Club – Bow)
  • - Local Crime Studies (Manor Youth Club – Bow)
  • - Youth Engagement (Manor Youth Club – Bow)
  • - Gangs in London (Manor Youth Club – Bow)
  • - Crime and Victims (Manor Youth Club – Bow)
  • - Gangster – Boss/Don/Mafia (Manor Youth Club – Bow)
  • - Drugs and Gangs – (Manor Youth Club – Bow)
  • - Anti-Social Behaviour
  • - Religion – A path to Reduce Violence
  • - Local Authority and Crime Reduction
  • - Girls and Gangs
  • - Positive Actions
  • - Ex-Gang Member
  • - Shaddywood Workshop Management
  • - Post Code Gangs
  • - Joint Event – Post Code Gang Unity (bring two rival gangs in one workshop)
  • - Go Carting Trip
  • - Final Dissemination Event