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Act2: Active Citizenship Training for Tutors

This project is a Home Office funded intervention that targeted Muslim teachers, Imams, supplementary education tutors and community workers who influence young people in their community. These individuals provide critical guidance to young people to effect change, broaden horizons and challenge prejudice.

The Project focuses on improving the individual perceptions and attitudes of our community teachers and leaders though education, group discussion and interaction with others of different faiths and cultures. The Project equipped these key individuals with a broader perception of the challenges and advantages of living in a multi-cultural society and engenders respect and better understanding of different faiths and cultures.

The Project enables Project participants, both men and women to then directly relate their experience to the attitudes and perceptions of their young British Muslim students and encourage them to respect inter-faith activity and contribute towards community cohesion.


Act2: Active Citizenship Training for Tutors

The project trained these community teachers to develop their knowledge and awareness of; diversity, modern British culture, UK and EU constitution and acquire basic ICT skills.